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Constantinople is an ensemble of musicians from Armenia, Turkey, Iran. «Passages» is a musical journey to the heart of Mediterranean traditions wanders in the company of brilliant heirs and creators from several corners of the Mare Nostrum. Sounds and old styles mingle with new music composed by the musicians of the ensemble and carry you away in an exciting world of musical dialogues.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Kervan (Caravan) 7:27    
2 Om al maradem 6:34    
3 Buzurg pishrow, darbeyn-é cedid 7:08    
4 Gozar 5:55    
5 Clin d' il 4:02    
6 Nour 12:33    
7 Cheshmeh 5:59    
8 Devr-e raksan 7:44    


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