Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoe
Jonathan Keeble


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1 1 I was born in the city of York in the north of… 5:47    
2 The Portuguese captain set me down in Brazil 5:42    
3 After we had managed to get four miles or so..… 5:42    
4 On waking, I found to my surprise that the wav… 6:34    
5 Despite all this work preparing a place to liv… 5:22    
6 November the 7th - Now it began to be settled… 6:06    
7 I was cast ashore on the 'Isle of Despair' 6:14    
8 I discovered that the seasons of the year... 6:52    
9 While my barley was growing... 6:42    
10 I had spied some land far distant from the oth… 5:27    
11 On the 6th November in the sixth year of my 'r… 3:22    
12 It happened one day about noon, going towards… 5:22    
13 Oh, what ridiculous resolutions men take when… 4:12    
14 The evidence of the savages' abhorrent feastin… 5:56    
2 1 I was now in the twenty-third year of my resid… 5:41    
2 As all these were but conjectures at best... 6:15    
3 I decided to keep a regular look-out... 5:20    
4 After my savage had slumbered, rather than sle… 4:07    
5 When he had done this, I decided to make some… 5:10    
6 After Friday and I became more intimately acqu… 5:20    
7 I was now entered on the seven and twentieth y… 3:35    
8 Meanwhile, I pulled out my knife and cut the t… 5:03    
9 Over the next month or so, I spoke to the Span… 4:45    
10 'We must be sent directly from Heaven then,' s… 5:09    
11 It was several hours before the others came ba… 5:10    
12 When I took leave o the Island, I carried on b… 4:17    


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