The Grainger Edition
Percy Grainger


Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15.02.2011

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€ 59,90


The Grainger Edition

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Grainger's death in 1961, we are issuing The Grainger Edition, a box set of all nineteen volumes of Grainger's music released on Chandos over the years. The box is available at a very special price. It covers Grainger's orchestral works, music for wind band, works for chorus, chamber ensemble, multiple pianos, and solo piano. Born in Australia, Percy Grainger lived in many countries including the UK and the US. He was a composer and pianist and one of music's most original voices. His folksong arrangements have achieved particular popularity, thanks in part to his technique of 'elastic' scoring, which allowed a work to be made available in an almost limitless number of performable versions. As an arranger of folksongs Grainger was hard to surpass, Benjamin Britten exclaiming: 'In the art of folksong arrangements, Grainger is my master!'


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