Beethoven als Symbol der Verbundenheit mit den Meistern der Wiener Klassik, aber auch als Visionär und Ventil für Neues - dies passt zum "Haupt-Thema" des TrioVanBeethoven: Die Pflege der klassischen Trio-Literatur, aber auch Kompositionsaufträge für Uraufführungen oder Crossover-Projekte prägen seine Tätigkeit.


Die K…
Ludwig Van Beethov…
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Ludwig Van Beethoven
Klaviertrios Vol.4
BestNr. 99120
CD 1

Volume 4 of the complete recordings of Beethoven's piano trios by the Austrian TrioVanBeethoven opens with the Trio Op. 1/3 in C minor. Preceding this last work of the group of piano trios Op. 1 (1793/94) were a great number of uncounted works and sketches like the Variations Op. 44, whose first drafts can be dated back to as early as the year 1792. The famous “Gassenhauer” Trio Op. 11 which was originally written for clarinet instead of the violin, got its sobriquet (the term “Gassenhauer” was initially used to describe the songs which night-time revellers, perhaps n.... [mehr Info]

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Klaviertrios Vol.3
BestNr. 99117
CD 1

The TrioVanBeethoven once more plays tribute to their name with the release of the third edition of Beethoven's complete works for piano trio. With uncompromising precision and their acclaimed fresh interpretation Verena Stourzh, violin, Clemens Zeilinger, piano and Franz Ortner, cello commence this volume with the Trio No. 2 in G major Op. 1/2, which despite its numbering is by no means Beethoven's first work, but rather already points to the upcoming era of early romanticism with many structural elements. The Trio in E-flat major Op. 70/2 is characterized by equal treatment of the three i.... [mehr Info]

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Klaviertrios Vol.2
BestNr. 99032
CD 1

The second part of the complete series of piano trios by the TrioVanBeethoven starts out with the Piano Trio No. 7 in B flat major op. 97 (‘Archduke Trio’), one of the most popular and extensive trios by Ludwig van Beethoven. The premiere in 1814 set out to be Beethovens's last public appearance as a pianist, as his growing deafness prevented any further serious performances. Although only published in 1824, Beethoven's work on the so-called ‘Cockatoo Variations’ op. 121a, based on a popular song from the musical comedy Die Schwestern von Prag by composer Wenzel Müll.... [mehr Info]

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Klaviertrios Vol.1
BestNr. 99132
CD 1

Beethoven as the symbol of affinity to the masters of Viennese Classicism, but also as a visionary and a trigger of the new - this is in keeping with the 'main focus' of the TrioVanBeethoven: the cultivation of classical trio literature, but also composition commissions for world premieres or crossover projects are features of its activity. Nevertheless, with their first CD recording Clemens Zeilinger, Verena Stourzh and Franz Ortner devote themselves to the name giver of their ensemble with an arch from Beethoven's first listed work, the Piano Trio in E flat major op. 1/1, t.... [mehr Info]

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