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Over the course of a few short years, TwoPianists Records has achieved a degree of success unprecedented for an independent classical music label situated near the southern tip of Africa. TwoPianists Records was founded in 2008 by renowned pianists Luis Magalhães and Nina Schumann, and is based in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

With an ambitious catalogue featuring both local and international artists, recordings issued under the TwoPianists label have twice laid claim to South African Music Awards, as well as a German Record Critic’s Award and formal recognition from the famous French classical music magazine, Diapason. These accolades are in addition to shining reviews in the International Record Review and the American Record Guide, which just two examples of the enthusiastic critical reception of their albums. This critical acclaim is not limited to program choice and quality of performance alone: in terms of recording technique, TwoPianists have set a standard that most multi-million pound multi-national record companies would be proud of.

Rather than a hindrance, being independent of large corporate interests is a source of strength for TwoPianists. Adopting an art-centred approach to creating albums, each recording project is an intimate artistic journey, allowing the musicians to have an active participation in production and sound engineering, as well as freedom in questions of interpretation and program choice. This is possible not only because Luis and Nina carefully select which artists to record, but also because the absence of profit-orientated deadlines and corporate pressure creates an atmosphere conducive to the fostering of high artistic standards.


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