moving Telemann/Kantaten und Sonaten
Georg Philipp Telemann
Pandolfis Consort / Spanos Nicholas


Releasedate: 06.12.2019

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moving Telemann/Kantaten und Sonaten

Had it been up to his mother, Georg Philipp Telemann would never have become a musician or composer. However, his irrepressible interest in it made Telemann one of the most respected composers of his time and one of the most productive with more than 3000 works. The Pandolfis Consort led by Elzbieta Sajka-Bachler and countertenor Nicholas Spanos present with “moving Telemann” four cantatas from the “Harmonischer Gottesdienst” as well as two trio sonatas for transverse flute or oboe with viola and basso continuo. In addition to the diverse historical instruments with violin, violetta, viola, violoncello and theorbo as well as archiliuto, the use of a (modern) accordion instead of the organ ensures a refreshing and truly “moving” listening experience.

The Pandolfis Consort was founded in 2004 by Elzieta Sajka-Bachler, viola player und graduate of Krakow Music Academy to bring rarely performed works by famous or forgotten composers to a wider public. The name comes from the violin maker Giuseppe Galieri Pandolfis, who was probably of Greek descent and was a student of Nicola Amati.
The ensemble’s repertoire contains some 500 works and extends from early Baroque to Classical to modern music and also includes contemporary compositions written for the Consort. The ensemble’s period instruments set composers the interesting task of adapting their modern tonal language and in this way finding new sounds. In 2012 the ensemble gave the first performances of commissioned compositions by Johanna Doderer (Austria) and Stanley Grill (USA) and, in Innsbruck in 2014, of two works by Tyrolean composer, Franz Baur.

Nicholas Spanos initially studied in Greece with Aris Christofellis. He subsequently continued his
studies at the music faculty of the University of Maryland (USA) as well as with the class of Charles Spencer at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. He has taken part in numerous master courses given by prominent teachers such as Kurt Equiluz, Delores Ziegler, Anna Tomowa-Sintow and Michael Chance.
He has regularly worked together with ensembles such as the Venice Baroque Orchestra, Les Talens Lyriques, the Camerata Stuttgart, the Clemencic Consort, the Orchestra 1756 Salzburg, the National Opera of Greece, Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, the State Orchestras of Athens and Thessaloniki, the Greek National Theatre and the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Vor des Lichten Tages Schein TWV 1:1483        
1     I Arie: Vor des lichten Tages Sc… 4:54   0.99€
2 II Rezitativ: O sichrer Sünder, fürchte dich! 2:27   0.99€
3 III Arie: Bist du selbst nicht engelrein, so w… 4:17   0.99€
  Was ist mir doch das Rühmen nütze? TWV 1:425        
4     I Arie: Was ist mir doch das Rüh… 5:27   1.59€
5 II Rezitativ: Wer bist du, Mensch, und was sin… 1:38   0.99€
6 III Arioso: Lass dir an meiner Gnade g'nügen 1:19   0.99€
7 IV Arie: Gottes Kraft erhebt die Schwachen 4:22   0.99€
  Sonate für Traversflöte, Viola und B.c. g-Moll…        
8     I Siciliana 2:27   0.99€
9 II Allegro 2:11   0.99€
10 III Adagio 1:37   0.99€
11 IV Allegro assai 1:33   0.99€
  Zischet nur, stechet, ihr feurigen Zungen TWV…        
12     I Arie: Zischet nur, stechet, ih… 4:48   0.99€
13 II Rezitativ: Als dort der Jünger Schar in Ein… 2:42   0.99€
14 III Arie: Der Himmel ist nicht ohne Sterne 3:36   0.99€
  Sonate für Oboe, Viola und B.c. c-Moll TWV 42:…        
15     I Adagio 2:23   0.99€
16 II Vivace 3:14   0.99€
17 III Affettuoso 2:11   0.99€
18 IV Allegro 3:24   0.99€
  Ergeuß dich zur Salbung der schmachtenden Seel…        
19     I Arie: Ergeuß dich zur Salbung… 5:00   1.59€
20 II Rezitativ: Samaria empfing den heiligen Gei… 2:29   0.99€
21 III Arie: Schwarzer Geist der Dunkelheit 6:48   1.59€
  Beglückte Zeit, die uns des Wortes Licht TWV 1…        
22     I Rezitativ: Beglückte Zeit, die… 0:42   0.99€
23 II Arie: Wandelt mit Freuden die Wege des Lebe… 6:05   1.59€
24 III Rezitativ: Ja, freilich hat umsonst der fi… 1:42   0.99€
25 IV Arie: Ew'ger Vater, deine Güte reicht so we… 4:10   0.99€


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