Cantiones Sacrae
Heinrich Schütz
Dresdner Kammerchor / Rademann


Releasedate: 11.11.2012

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Cantiones Sacrae

In the complete works of Heinrich Schütz, performed by the Dresdner Kammerchor under the direction of Hans-Christoph Rademann and produced by Carus, the fifth installment presents the Cantiones Sacrae (SWV 53-93). In 1625 Schütz published this collection as his opus 4. In the 40 Latin motets he used texts from the prayer book of Andreas Musculus, which is based on psalms and verses from the Song of Songs, as well as texts from the Gospels, devotional texts and various prayers. The fact that today these expressive prayers have not gained the popularity of Schütz's other great collections is due, not least, to the high demands which the composer places upon his performers. With the guiding principle "historically informed - interpreted today," Rademann and the Dresdner Kammerchor present precisely the lesser-known works of Schütz on the highest artistic level as an open invitation for new discovery.


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