Georg Friedrich Telemann
Hannoversche Hofkapelle / Stöltzel

Hã¤nssler Classic, 1 CD

Releasedate: 09.02.2015

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With 3600 works to his credit, Georg Philipp Telemann is rightly regarded as of one of the most prolific composers of all time. This superlative however has brought him less honor than one may have hoped, because with so many works came the suspicion that quality may have been sacrificed in the process, a view that prevailed especially throughout the 19th century. As a result, the objective study of Telemann and his protean work only began in earnest in the late 20th century, resulting in many discoveries and first performances that show the seriousness and depth of the composer’s genius. The present CD features a trio of cantatas from the so-called “Engel-Jahrgang” (lit. “Angel cycle” named for the image of an angel that appears on the cover of the printed scores) dating from 1748/49. In these works, Telemann has already begun to explore the Rococo style, which had just begun to take root and demonstrates his compositional skill and originality at every turn. Three festive cantatas ring out in glorious tones: “Der Herr lebet” for the first day of Easter, “Ehr und Dank sey Dir gesungen” for the Feast of St, Michael and “Der Geist giebt Zeugnis” for the Day of Pentecost. The Bach-Chor Siegen, the Hannoversche Hofkapelle, singers Miriam Feuersinger, Franz Vitzthum and Klaus Mertens and director Ulrich Stötzel are in their element with Telemann – having previously released several Telemann albums with hänssler CLASSIC – and present another installment of enchanting and accomplished performances of rarely heard music from one of the greatest masters of the Baroque.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     Chor: Der Herr lebet 2:08    
2     Arie: Nun jauchzet, ihr Himmel 6:55    
3     Rezitativ: O Heiland, gib auch m… 0:44    
4     Arie: Hilf, dass ich auch den Fe… 5:28    
5     Chor: Der Herr lebet 2:20    
6     Choral: Ehr und Dank sey Dir ges… 1:07    
7     Arie: Tobe nur, Satan 7:47    
8     Rezitativ: Ach Herr, Dein Engel 0:32    
9     Arie: Dienstbare Geister des ewi… 7:15    
10     Choral: Ehr und Dank sey Dir ges… 1:58    
11     Chor: Der Geist gibt Zeugnis 3:39    
12     Arie: Wer bin ich, und was ist m… 7:22    
13     Rezitativ: Ja, ja! Mein Gott, ic… 0:40    
14     Arie: Geist des Trostes und der… 6:15    
15     Chor: Der Geist gibt Zeugnis 3:44    


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