Russische Ostern
Männerchor Akafist

Hänssler Classic, 1 CD

Releasedate: 09.02.2015

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Russische Ostern

The Russian men's chamber choir Akafist, directed by Andrei V. Malutin, is dedicated to the great tradition of Russian choral art and are masters of Orthodox liturgical singing. The choir displays an impressive range of timbres of male voices from the very high countertenor to the deepest basso profundo. Sonorous intonations and incredible vocal colorations bring this program of sacred works devoted especially to Easter vigil to life and provide a glimpse into the sacred soul of Russian choral chant.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Easter troparion 1:44    
2 God is with us 4:12    
3 Vouchsafe, O Lord 2:55    
4 Blessed is the man 2:54    
5 Lord, I call upon you 2:13    
6 Troparion of repentance 4:49    
7 Hymn of Simeon the Just 2:27    
8 From my youth 3:40    
9 Kondak to the Mother of God 2:44    
10 Archangel's voice 2:25    
11 From my youth 2:18    
12 O gladsome light 2:41    
13 Hiermos to the Mother of God 2:20    
14 Beatitudes 3:18    
15 Hymn of the Resurrection 1:53    
16 Litia Ektenia 5:45    
17 The Creed 3:58    
18 Pascal canon (The angel cried) 2:03    
19 Who is so great a God as our God 0:51    
20 Moleben (Prayer of St. Ambrose) 7:57    


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