Via Crucis
Pawel Lukaszewski
Layton / Polyphony / Britten Sinf.


Releasedate: 01.03.2009

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Stephen Layton's first disc of L/ ukaszewski's choral works (CDA67639, The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge) was widely praised by listeners entranced by the composer's unique yet accessible musical language. For this new release Layton and Polyphony, together with the Britten Sinfonia and a team of world-class soloists, have taken on a major work which is destined to become a modern classic in the vein of Taverner's The Veil of the Temple or Pärt's St John Passion. Via Crucis is a dramatization of the Stations of the Cross, a musical reading of this most solemn journey that evolves through its 55-minutes in an arc of culminatory ritual power.
Praise for L/UKASZEWSKI Choral Music CDA67639
'This is a lovely disc of enchanting choral music ... Only the hardest of musical hearts will remain unmelted by such committed interpretations. [Nunc dimittis] In its beautifully measured phrases, immaculately tailored textures and ingenius use of light and shade to invoke light shining in darkness, it is a gem which receives here a beautifully poised account ... Here is a composer who really is a true master of the art of a cappella writing ... This is a lovely disc. In saying that it has been difficult to draw this CD out of my player, so frequently have I returned to it, I can offer no higher praise' (Gramophone) 'A superlative issue in every way. This inspired music by the contemporary Polish composer employs a convincing language of 'renewed tonality' in its impassioned response to the traditional liturgical texts ... these young Cambridge singers bring a technical mastery and total commitment to this vibrant music' (Choir & Organ Magazine)


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