Gjeilo / Wawer / Reger / Mawby / Ravel
Ensemble LaCappella

Rondeau, 1 CD

Releasedate: 22.09.2014

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Mary - the musical associations with this name are immediate and manifold: from the Christmas song 'Mary's Boy Child' to 'Maria' from Leonard Bernstein's musical 'West Side Story'. The present disc approaches the various biblical and secular facets of Mary under the heading 'shimmering'. LaCappella, an ensemble of five stunningly homogenous female voices, sets out on a journey through music history: since the Bible reveals only little about the Virgin Mary, artists and musicians have seen it as their duty to flesh out the sketchy image of the saintly woman in radiant colours. For 'shimmering', LaCappella has selected works which move beyond the trodden paths. Because there is almost no repertoire for female choir from periods reaching further back than the Romantic era, contemporary composers play a particularly prominent role in this endeavour: 'Shimmering - Ave generosa' by the Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo, which lends its title to this CD; Wolfgang Drescher's 'Lux aeterna', which was composed specifically for LaCappella; and Erik Esenvalds' 'O salutaris hostia'. Other pieces, among them works by Petr Eben and Vytautas Miskinis, generate a tight-knit network with songs from the Renaissance and the Romantic era. A special focus is given to works by Robert Schumann, which shed light onto Mary's worldly characteristics in particular.


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