With Love
Yom & the Wonderbabies

Buda Records, 1 CD

Releasedate: 10.01.2012

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€ 14.90


The Klezmer-clarinet prodigy is back ! Three years ago, Yom's first album "New King of Klezmer Clarinet, a tribute to Naftule Bradwein" brought him to fame and made people aware that his humorously self-appointed title was well deserved. He then followed suit with the masterly "Unue", a series of highly inspired duets (with Ibrahim Maalouf, Fard D., Wang Li and Denis Cuniot). Yom is coming back with a new project and a new band, the Wonder Rabbis, more into jazz, pop, fusion, and crazier than ever. Yom is taking us along on a trip into the world of Comics, at the border of trip hop and the Balkans, post-rock and Turkey, electro and Rumania. Go in peace: Super Yom and his clarinet are standing watch and fighting to save Love.


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