Man and Boy:dada
Michael Nyman
Mn Band / Mcgrath

Mn Records, 1 CD

Releasedate: 15.04.2007

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1 1 You need a Ticket to breathe the…      
2 A Few Things I collect beside Bus…      
3 Any More Fares Please?      
4 It#s Kind of Interesting Rubbish      
5 Scarper      
6 Forty Sheep and Twenty Reindeer      
7 Coughs and Sneezes spread Disease…      
8 Except Take a Piss      
9 Doodlebug      
2 1 A Famous Cup of British Tea      
2 This Was A Good One - Ponders End…      
3 I#m highly adept at the Tango      
4 Show me a Bike      
5 Chuk persh szing      
6 Happy birthday Dear Michael!      
7 I am Having Trouble with Hanky Pa…      
8 Latin a la Hammersmith Broadway      
9 A Hundred Stops but they have no…      
10 I was trying to explain something…      


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