De Profundis
Oscar Wilde
Merlin Holland / Simon Russell Beale


Releasedate: 01.12.2015

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1 1 Introduction by Merlin Holland 8:49    
2 De profundis 6:26    
3 I remember, for instance, in September '93 7:12    
4 When I tell you that between the autumn of 189… 8:50    
5 On our return to London those of my friends 9:18    
6 On my return to London next day I remember 8:58    
7 I spoke of your conduct to me on three success… 9:28    
2 1 You conducted your letter by saying 8:05    
2 While I am staying with you at Salisburg you a… 6:36    
3 You thought again that in sending a lawyer's l… 7:05    
4 Hate blinds people. You were not aware of that 7:12    
5 The key of the situation rested entirely with… 8:55    
6 How clearly I saw it then, as now, I need not… 6:52    
7 The second piece of news followed shortly afte… 9:25    
8 But at the time I wrote to you I felt that for… 7:03    
3 1 Three more months go over 8:13    
2 I have spoken to you at length on this point i… 6:44    
3 Ah! Had you been in prison - I will not say th… 6:58    
4 And the end of it all is that I have got to fo… 8:23    
5 Of course I know that to ask for alms on the h… 8:20    
6 Many men on their release carry their prison a… 6:54    
7 Sorrow, then, and all that it teaches one 9:00    
8 This new life, as through my love of Dante 6:30    
4 1 Christ's place indeed is with the poets 7:36    
2 I bore up aginst everything with some stubborn… 7:37    
3 The song of Isaiah, 'he is despised' 7:34    
4 And while in reading the gospels 8:03    
5 Those from he saved from their sins 6:32    
6 I hope to live long enough, and to produce wor… 7:09    
7 To each of us different fates have been meted… 9:16    
8 And the curious thing to m e is that you shoul… 5:46    
5 1 Does it ever ocur to you what an awful positio… 6:08    
2 As if it had been possible for me to gradually… 7:20    
3 I know she puts the blame on me. I hear of it 7:37    
4 I remember as I was sitting in the dock on the… 7:46    
5 I know of nothing in all drama more incomparab… 6:51    
6 I am told by more adey in his letter that last… 6:31    
7 The second thing about which I have to speak t… 6:21    
8 I hope that our meeting will be what a meeting… 5:06    


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