Strings & Bass
Breinschmid / Willeitner / Dickbauer / Bartolomey
Breinschmid / Willeitner / Dickbauer / Bartolomey


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Strings & Bass

Strings & Bass combines classic virtuosity with merciless groove, challenging compositions with colorful improvisations and absolute perfection with the innate musicality of folk music. The four musicians Florian Willeitner, Johannes Dickbauer, Matthias Bartolomey und Georg Breinschmid are tied beyond their classical training by the urge to discover new worlds. The string quartet with double bass without viola develops a totally distinct musical language ranging from jazz to pop and folk to blues. Strings & Bass - four exceptional musicians, everyone of them successful composers and artist who are spurring each other in this exciting formation. Florian Willeitner is a German violinist, composer and arranger who has received numerous awards. He has created works for well-known orchestras, festivals and soloists, including the Tonkünstlerorchester Niederösterreich, the Musikfest Stuttgart, star violinist Benjamin Schmid, or the double bass virtuoso Georg Breinschmid. His visits (often for a period of several months) to various folk music cultures throughout the world. Johannes Dickbauer is known for the breadth of his artistic range. His musical creativity is expressed in his work as soloist, chamber musician, jazz player and folk musician, as both composer and arranger, while with his groups he travels throughout Europe and further abroad. His band Dickbauer Collective, a mixed ensemble with violin, cello, saxophones, trumpet and rhythm group, is currently working on its second album. Matthias Bartolomey was born in Vienna in 1985. At the age of six he was given his first cello lessons by his father, Franz Bartolomey. n the area of orchestral music Matthias plays in the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and with the Vienna Philharmonic, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Since 2010 he has played as solo cellist in the Concentus Musicus Vienna, under Nikolaus Harnoncourt until his death. In 2012 together with the violinist and mandola player Klemens Bittmann he formed the duo BartolomeyBittmann. Georg Breinschmid was born in 1973 and lives in Vienna. He is one of the leading Austrian jazz musicians on the international stage. Breinschmid studied classical double bass at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. While still a student he played in various Viennese orchestras (Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony etc.) as well as in chamber music ensembles like "Kontrapunkte" and "Die Reihe". At the same time he started to play jazz, and from 2003 on, Georg Breinschmid worked increasingly as composer, with a particular affinity to Viennese music.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 O(s)iris 8:00   1.59€
2 Fünf Viertel 7:58   1.59€
3 Valentinair 15:09   3.19€
4 Spring 8:16   1.59€
5 Welcome to the World 5:45   1.59€
6 Interlude 5:37   1.59€
7 Kreizal 5:08   1.59€
8 Impressione #3 3:29   0.99€
9 The Very Last Universe 8:04   1.59€
10 Farbenspiele - The Parting Glass 4:23   0.99€
11 Schattara 5:02   1.59€


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