Schubert / Unterkirchner / Horvath
I Dioscuri / Saxophon / Klavier


Releasedate: 16.12.2016

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Die Winterreise “without words” - is that even permissible?! What I Dioscuri, consisting of saxophonist Edgar Unterkirchner and organ and piano player Wolfgang Horvath come up with during their congenial improvisations is difficult to put into words: through the focus onto the pure melodies new worlds arise, the duo is swinging along the scenery, and is narrating entirely new, individual stories, mostly inspired by extramusical images, motives, themes or texts. Schubert.Metamorphosen takes the listener into an unknown Schubert realm, bridging the boundaries of classical and jazz music. The blind faith of the duo I Dioscuri in one another is the foundation for an astounding intensity of Schubert without words rarely experienced before.

I Dioscuri
Since 2007, the duo I Dioscuri, consisting of saxophonist Edgar Unterkirchner and organist and pianist Wolfgang Horvath, has worked on the unusual project of realizing lieder by Franz Schubert for saxophone and piano—connected by improvised bridge passages.
After a nearly ten-year tireless search for the ideal sound, after tenacious experimenting with various types of saxophones, reeds and mouthpieces in all kinds of rooms, after no small number of trips to the instrument maker Roberto Buttus in Italy, who constructed the “Sequoia” saxophone entirely according to Edgar Unterkirchner’s ideas of sound, intonation and ergonomics, the time has come at long last:
The great Schubert dream is coming true, and the exciting production has been gaining in popularity—and not just among experts—since its 2014 premiere at the Lisztzentrum in Raiding, Austria.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Introduktion 2:08   0.99€
2 Gute Nacht 6:35   1.59€
3 Nachklang 0:51   0.99€
4 Die Wetterfahne 2:01   0.99€
5 Der Wind spielt 1:28   0.99€
6 Gefror'ne Tränen 2:46   0.99€
7 Gefror'ne Töne 1:51   0.99€
8 Der Lindenbaum 5:51   1.59€
9 Glühende Tränen 2:34   0.99€
10 Wasserflut 5:06   1.59€
11 Erwachende Vögel 2:24   0.99€
12 Frühlingstraum 4:54   0.99€
13 Blumen im Winter 3:57   0.99€
14 Eine Krähe war mit mir 2:09   0.99€
15 Ein unablässiges Picken 1:32   0.99€
16 Im Dorfe 3:43   0.99€
17 Der stürmische Morgen 1:01   0.99€
18 Der Wegweiser 4:31   0.99€
19 Der Leiermann 4:02   0.99€
20 Postludium 6:24   1.59€


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