Bruckner Orbit
Brahms / Evans / Kreisler / Becaud / Leopoldi / Bruckner
Rudi Wilfer


Releasedate: 03.09.2021

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Bruckner Orbit

On the occasion of a concert at the Brucknertage festival St. Florian the great Austrian jazz pianist Rudi Wilfer took on his journey to Anton Bruckner and his IV. Symphony, which would widely circumpass the written music. Wilfer who has found his very own combination of meditation and swing perceived in Bruckner's music a fascinating modernity, even agelessness. Surely, the pieces were recorded several times, yet no version turned out alike, even though the musical material remained the same. The listener could literally observe how Wilfer's playing in every instant led to new paths - new harmonies, articulations, voicings. The album consists of two parts, the live recording and the studio recordings which at times shine a different light onto the same pieces, besides the hommage to Bruckner also jazz standards like "You Must Believe in Spring" and "What Now My Love", Viennese pieces like "Liebesleid" by Fritz Kreisler or "In einem kleinen Café in Hernals" by Hermann Leopoldi as well as "Wiegenlied" by Brahms.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Bruckner Orbit 19:58   3.19€
2 In einem kleinen Cafe in Hernals 3:09   0.99€
3 What Now My Love 5:29   1.59€
4 Liebesleid 3:56   0.99€
5 Wiegenlied 3:32   0.99€
2 1 What Now My Love (alternate take… 5:06   1.59€
2 Mitzi und Felix 6:20   1.59€
3 In einem kleinen Cafe in Hernals 4:09   0.99€
4 Blues Improvisation 3:58   0.99€
5 What Now My Love (alternate take… 6:11   1.59€
6 Bruckner Orbit (alternate take 1) 4:18   0.99€
7 Bruckner Orbit (alternate take 2) 6:08   1.59€
8 You Must Believe in Spring ''Requ… 3:46   0.99€
9 Monis Garten 2:27   0.99€
10 Liebesleid 5:29   1.59€

Bruckner Orbit is the result of Austrian jazz pianist Rudi Wilfer’s encounter with the music of Anton Bruckner, a Bruckner Orbit that the pianist embellishes with paraphrases of music by Brahms and Kreisler, among others. The album consists of two parts, the live recording of the concert and the studio recordings, some of which shed a different light on the same pieces. A very special and unusual ‘orbit’ around Bruckner….  (Gramola 99234) – ♪♪♪♪ (Remy Franck)


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