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Under the title “Nachtschattengewächseâ€, the Duo Neubauer with Stefan Neubauer, clarinet, and Severin Neubauer, saxophone presents both well-known and new works, which reflects all that is abysmal and inscrutable of the night in art, especially in music. “Life starts when fear endsâ€, is what Severin Neubauer wrote beneath the score of Rush, in which he depicts various states of anxiety. Life will be wonderful again once the fears dissipate. Yet, on closer inspection, neither such ostensibly gloomy titles as “Repast†(Yuki Morimoto), “Elegie†(Gregory Wanamaker), “Shadow†(Dora Cojocaru), and “Moon†(Gerald Resch), nor the aforementioned fears turn out anything near as dark as one might think. Instead, they are transformed into a beacon of light for all things new, which come in the shapes of a bouquet, the Blumenstrauß (“Hanatabaâ€), a reunion (Réunion 2), and an upbeat dance tune (Francis Poulenc). Night leads to day. That’s life! In that spirit, let’s celebrate life – and while we’re at it, let’s celebrate the night, too! (Stefan Neubauer)

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Johann Sebastian Bach - Kanon (Co… 4:56    
2 Gerald Resch - Der Mond 2:51    
3 Dora Cojocaru - Schattenspiel 6:54    
4 Yuki Morimoto - Der Blumenstrauß 1:28    
5 Severin Neubauer - Rush 4:46    
6 Gerald Resch - Maqam 2:18    
7 Zdzislaw Wysocki - Etüde 11 (op.… 2:12    
8 Yuki Morimoto - Der Leichenschmau… 7:21    
9 Gerald Resch - Hoquetus 2:02    
10 René Staar - Studie No. 1 2:10    
  Francis Poulenc - Sonate pour deu…        
11     I Presto 1:52    
12 II Andante 2:24    
13 III Vif 1:56    
14 Yuki Morimoto - Réunion 2 3:21    
  Gregory Wanamaker - Duo Sonata        
15     I Departure 2:10    
16 II Elegy 3:28    
17 III Scherzo 1:22    
18 IV Arrival (Blues) 2:16    


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