Serge Rachmaninov
Harriet Krijgh / Magda Amara


Releasedate: 15.09.2015

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«Recording music is a very intimate, personal process for which I have the utmost respect», begins Harriet Krijgh. «Balance between emotion and self-restraint is an essential theme. Especially with such emotionally charged music like that of Sergey Rachmaninov's, the main consideration is to apply the correct amount of emotion.» The Sonata for cello and piano, Op.19 and the Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 18 came after a rather epic phase of depression and compositional resignation. For three years after the failure of his first symphony, Rachmaninov's creative output seized up, and this eventually needed hypnotherapy treatment to cure the problem. «With Rachmaninov, I sensed an extremely sensitive artist. Such a long creative break must have caused very difficult emotional upheavals. The works that developed immediately after that period of time are therefore so much richer in emotion or atmosphere because of it», says Harriet Krijgh.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     1. Lento - Allegro moderato 13:36    
2     2. Allegro scherzando 6:28    
3     3. Andante 5:58    
4     4. Allegro mosso 10:46    
5     Nr. 1 Élégie 5:50    
6     Nr. 14 Vocalise 6:57    
7     Nr. 3 In the silence of the secr… 3:06    


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