Chisholm / Lauba / Aperghis / Rosse / Rolin / Itoh
Koryun Asatryan


Releasedate: 01.10.2014

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The saxophonist Koryun Asatryan presents here a sensational GENUIN debut: on this CD coproduced with the German Music Council, the winner of the German Music Competition and numerous other competitions plays new music. He is a wanderer between worlds, a juggler who plays with styles and is as much at home in jazz as in classics, a newcomer to whom diverse pieces have already been dedicated (two world premiere recordings on this CD!). Music for saxophone solo and in chamber ensembles, the last work on the CD even with overtone singing - a young musician can hardly jump onto the big stage in a more exciting way. This is most definitely worth listening to!
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Salsa (für Saxophon solo) (1952) 4:31    
2 Rasch (für Saxophon und Viola) (2001) 7:31    
3 Balafon (für Saxophon solo) (1992) 6:33    
4 XIMIX (für 2 Saxophone) (1997) 2:22    
5 Vous, Blue Look! (für Saxophon und Stimme) (19… 5:08    
6 Tadj (für Saxophon solo) (1994) 9:42    
7 The Angel of Despair Nr. 2 (für Saxophon solo)… 11:17    
8 Ars (für 2 Saxophone) (1994) 4:39    
9 Wind over the Plains (für Saxophon, Viola und… 8:13    


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