Bongratz / Reich / Willow / Ferneyhough / Schöwer / Lopez


Releasedate: 10.11.2015

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This recording does not simply feature a young percussionist offering a virtuoso materialistic battle on her debut GENUIN CD but instead creates a cinematically strange new world: bizarre illumination, enchanting cicada sounds and rattling bones await the listener in Sabrina Ma's Playtime!. The winner of the German Music Competition is presented on this Primavera CD series as a mature, imaginative artist. Works by the great contemporary composers Steve Reich and Brian Ferneyhough are offered as well as music by lesser-known artists, including world premiere recordings composed especially for this recording. A mixture of styles that goes off the beaten track, brilliantly played!
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Portrait für Schlagwerk und Cembalo 12:16    
2 Nagoya Marimbas 4:45    
3 ze hamechir... 0:29    
4 Bone Alphabet 12:46    
5 Plateaux 7:11    
6 Cálculo Secreto 10:12    
7 Havana 4:39    
8 Poem for two percussionists 3:51    


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