Bach / Ben-Haim / Bartok


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Young violinist Liv Migdal ventures a journey to the limits of the speakable, playable, and tangible: the winner of numerous international prizes (including at the Ruggiero Ricci Competition Salzburg and Hindemith Competition Berlin) performs music by Bach, Bartók, and refugee from Germany Paul Ben-Haim. What could be more fragile than Liv Migdal's lonely violin playing Bach, and what more existentially violent than the same instrument with Bartók? A true discovery is the work of Israel's national composer Ben-Haim: a firestorm of energy, a melancholy meditation on lost happiness. A fabulous violinist presents a bold program!

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     Adagio 3:14    
2     Fuga 12:10    
3     Largo 3:03    
4     Allegro assai 5:13    
5     Allegro energico 6:24    
6     Lento e sotto voce 5:52    
7     Molto allegro 4:03    
8     I. Tempo di ciaccona 10:28    
9     II. Fuga. Risoluto, non troppo… 4:26    
10     III. Melodia. Adagio 6:32    
11     IV. Presto 5:18    


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