Klaviertrio 2/Klavierquartett
Robert Schumann
Münchner Klaviertrio / Tilo Wiedenmeyer


Releasedate: 01.02.2016

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Klaviertrio 2/Klavierquartett

Productions by the Munich Piano Trio delight us time and again: one time they'll discover unknown works and draw an "Ah!" of astonishment, while the next time they'll focus on the great works of the repertoire and "Wow!" us with their marvelous interpretation. The eighth CD by the ensemble, now celebrating its 33rd year, is inspired by Robert Schumann's guiding principle: the artist's mission is to cast light into the depths of the human heart. And if speakers could not only emit sound, but were capable of shining, there is no doubt they would be doing so during what is perhaps Schumann's most well-known Piano Trio (No. 2) and his equally wonderful Piano Quartet... Bravo to the persistence of great artists!
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     1. Sehr lebhaft 7:58    
2     2. Mit innigem Ausdruck - Lebhaf… 7:25    
3     3. In mäßiger Bewegung 5:29    
4     4. Nicht zu rasch 5:45    
5     1. Sostenuto assai - Allegro ma… 8:46    
6     2. Scherzo: Molto vivace 3:32    
7     3. Andante cantabile 6:36    
8     4. Finale: Vivace 7:30    


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