Streichquartette 1-3
Ivan Eröd
Accord Quartet


Releasedate: 15.10.2018

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Streichquartette 1-3

“Art is communication. When I write music, I aim for it to be heard and understood. Therefore I have to make use of a language that is at the very least understandable by a fairly large number of people. […] Originality of language at all costs is the enemy of communication.” With these words, the Hungarian-born composer Iván Eröd in 1968 renounced an umcompromising avant-garde and therefore a restriction to new compositional techniques such as serial music or dodecaphony. On the other hand, Eröd’s works clearly show a processing of these and more tonal trends, which are wonderfully combined with influences by Béla Bartok or Johannes Brahms. The Accord Quartet from Budapest breathes the spirit of this diversified music and presents as their debut CD the three string quartets by Iván Eröd.

Accord Quartet
The Accord Quartet was formed in 2001 by four students of the Franz Liszt Academy, Budapest. Since then they won several national and international prizes — such as the 1st prize of the Brahms Competition or the Junior Prima Prize — and became one of the most determinative musical groups in Hungary. From 2012 on the members of the Accord Quartet started to teach officially in universities and hold masterclasses in Hungary, Japan and USA.
In 2014 the Accord Quartet has started international exchange programs for solo and chamber music in the USA. They held masterclasses, coaching at the Rutgers University (New Jersey) and the Youngstown State University (Ohio).
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Streichquartett Nr. 1 op. 18        
1     I Moderato 6:55   1.59€
2 II Andante quasi Allegretto 8:52   1.59€
3 III Vivace 6:14   1.59€
  Streichquartett Nr. 2 op. 26        
4     I I., A. Allegro ri… 6:06   1.59€
5 I II., A. Adagio molto, con una b… 3:50   0.99€
6 III III. Presto 4:25   0.99€
7 IV II., B. Adagio, con una dolce… 5:19   1.59€
8 V I., B. Allegro con brio, ma non… 3:26   0.99€
  Streichquartett Nr. 3 op. 78        
9     I Sostenuto appassi… 5:31   1.59€
10 II Lento lamentoso 3:47   0.99€
11 III Vivace - Sostenuto appassiona… 4:12   0.99€
12 IV Allegro vivace - Presto 3:15   0.99€


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