Anton Bruckner
Altomonte Ensemble / Ballot


Releasedate: 01.06.2021

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The Altomonte Ensemble, consisting of Rémy Ballot, violin, the violinist Iris Schützenberger, the violists Stefanie Kropfreiter and Peter Aigner and the cellist Jörgen Fog, presents two chamber music works by Anton Bruckner: the string quartet, composed 1861/62 at the suggestion of Joseph Hellmesberger, and the string quintet, composed in 1878/79, which is considered the highlight of Bruckner's chamber music oeuvre. The latter work was premiered by Hellmesberger and his extended quartet only after prolonged hesitation, since he originally had considered it in part as unplayable. The quintet has quite symphonic dimensions in terms of length and complexity. After the mentioned performance in 1884, a music critic wrote about the 3rd movement of the work: "This Adagio has an effect as if were something that had only been now unearthed in the vestiges of Beethoven's papers... a deeply felt work, inspired by inspiration and stemming from the composer's final years."

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Streichquintett F-Dur WAB 112        
1     I Gemaessigt 14:14   2.39€
2 II Scherzo. Schnell - Trio 10:06   2.39€
3 III Adagio 18:07   3.19€
4 IV Finale. Lebhaft bewegt 10:27   2.39€
  Streichquartett c-Moll WAB 111        
5     I Allegro moderato 11:20   2.39€
6 II Andante 7:23   1.59€
7 III Scherzo. Presto 3:19   0.99€
8 IV Rondo. Schnell 4:35   0.99€


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