Strauß / Bramböck / Bartolomey / Tansman
Die Kolophonistinnen


Releasedate: 10.03.2020

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Ever since the film during the intermission of the 2017 Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert, the «Kolophonistinnen» cello quartet has made a striking impression on a broad public. With their commitment and their enthusiasm, performances by the four young women--Hannah Amann, Marlene Förstel, Theresa Laun and Elisabeth Herrmann--take listeners' hearts by storm. For their debut CD, the «Heldinnen» («heroines,» an affectionate and appreciative appellation by their teacher) have compiled an exciting program rich in contrast, in keeping with their characters, full of Viennese esprit and Slavic soul, world-famous melodies from blockbuster movies, as well as fascinating new pieces by top Austrian musicians Florian Bramböck and Matthias Bartolomey.

Die Kolophonistinnen
The Vienna cello quartet known as Die Kolophonistinnen consists of the four young musicians Hannah Amann, Marlene Förstel, Elisabeth Herrmann and Theresa Laun. The name of the ensemble refers to colophony or rosin, an amber-coloured resin obtained from pines that creates the static friction between the bow and the strings and is what makes the wonderful sound of the cellos possible in the first place.
Since the founding of the ensemble in 2014, the four cellists have given regular concerts in Germany and abroad and have been successful in a number of competitions. As one of the award-winning ensembles, they were given the opportunity to perform on stage at the Vienna Philharmonic's Sommernacht Concert in 2016. Their presentation led to a performance in the film shown during the interval of the Vienna Philharmonic's 2017 New Year's Day Concert, which is broadcast throughout the world.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Johann Strauß Sohn - Vienna Blood… 4:49   0.99€
2 Johann Strauß Vater - Radetzky Ma… 3:31   0.99€
3 Florian Bramböck - Cellinnen und… 3:14   0.99€
4 Matthias Bartolomey - Preikestole… 7:15   1.59€
  Alexandre Tansman - Deux mouvemen…        
5     I Adagio cantabile 5:00   1.59€
6 II Allegro molto risoluto 4:18   0.99€
7 Dmitri Schostakowitsch - Jazz Sui… 3:53   0.99€
8 Lalo Schifrin - Thema von ``Missi… 4:34   0.99€
9 Carlos Gardel - Por Una Cabeza 5:26   1.59€
  Leonhard Roczek - Nach einem Them…        
10     Heldinnenleben 6:30   1.59€


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