Gesamtwerk für Violine und Klavier
Erwin Schulhoff
Duo DS


Releasedate: 11.01.2013

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Gesamtwerk für Violine und Klavier

Since 2006, the musicians David Delgado, violin, and Stefan Schmidt, piano, have performed many extraordinary programmes as an ensemble with the name of Duo DS. A CD with the violin works by Erwin Schulhoff now follows the recording of all the works for violin and piano by the Spanish composer Turina for Gramola. The Czech composer, hitherto unrecognized for his great contribution to the development of New Music, bequeathed a solo sonata, a suite and two sonatas for violin and piano until his death in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942.

Duo DS

David Delgado already received violin lessons at the conservatoire of his home city of Granada (Spain) at the age of seven. After obtaining his diploma, he studied in the USA, with Camilla Wicks at Louisiana State University and with Jorja Fleezanis at the University of Minnesota. During this time he worked in such well-known orchestras as the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra. Since 2004, he has been the first violinist of the Staatskapelle Berlin. As a soloist and chamber musician he has performed in Spain, the USA, Japan and Germany (also with Margo Garret, Paul Sperry and the Ted Mann Quartet).

Stefan Schmidt, born on Lake Constance, was first taught the piano by his father prior to receiving lessons from such teachers as Boris Bloch, Karl Heinz Kämmerling, Vitaly Margulis and András Schiff. He already performed Mozart's Piano Concerto in F major KV 459 in public at the age of eleven. Concerts in Austria, Switzerland and South America followed. His artistic work associates him with orchestras such as the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, the South-West German Philharmonia and the Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra, and he is song accompanist for singers like Olaf Bär and Peter Klaveness.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Sonate für Violine und Klavier Nr.2 WV 91        
1     (I) Allegro impestuoso 6:15   1.59€
2 (II) Andante 2:49   0.99€
3 (III) Burlesca. Allegretto 2:31   0.99€
4 (IV) Finale. Allegro risoluto 3:45   0.99€
  Suite für Violine und Klavier op.1 WV 18        
5     (I) Präludium. Stürmisch 4:04   0.99€
6 (II) Gavotte. Mäßig 4:03   0.99€
7 (III) Menuetto 5:02   1.59€
8 (IV) Walzer 6:13   1.59€
9 (V) Scherzo. Schnell 8:05   1.59€
  Sonate für Violine solo        
10     (I) Allegro con fuoco 1:44   0.99€
11 (II) Andante cantabile 4:52   0.99€
12 (III) Scherzo. Allegretto grazioso 2:24   0.99€
13 (IV) Finale. Allegro risoluto 2:47   0.99€
  Sonate für Violine und Klavier Nr.1 op.7 WV 24        
14     (I) Allegro risoluto 6:46   1.59€
15 (II) Tranquillo 4:07   0.99€
16 (III) Presto 3:04   0.99€
17 (IV) Allegro molto 8:31   1.59€


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