A New Night Music/Nachtstücke des 20/21.Jh.
Jokel / Kaufmann / Colina / Huber / Malipiero / Rogl / Cage
Elena Denisova / Alexei Kornienko


Releasedate: 05.11.2021

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A New Night Music/Nachtstücke des 20/21.Jh.

No time of day has presumably been set to music more often than the nighttime. On this album violinist Elena Denisova and pianist Alexei Kornienko are featuring nocturnal works of the 20th and 21st century. Canto crepuscolare by Gian Francesco Malipiero, dating from 1908, is still a playful impressionist composition, while the Nocturne for violin and piano by John Cage (1947) rather revels the silence. A calm and melancholic vision is painted by Helmut Rogls Ein Traum zur halben Nacht (A Dream at Midnight, 1986), whereas Notturno (2007) by Michael Colina and Incubus, Fantasy for violin, piano and electronics (2020/21) by Alfred Huber depict the eerie and scary traits of nighttime. Like the work by Huber, Durch die Nacht (Through the Night) for violin and pre-recorded electroacoustics by Dieter Kaufmann (2020/21) as well as all the darkness we can hear - all the silence we can see (2020/21) by Oscar Jockel are world premiere recordings.


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