Liszt and the Violin
Franz Liszt
Irnberger / Torbianelli


Releasedate: 15.12.2011

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Liszt and the Violin

The young Salzburg violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger presents unjustifiably hardly known works by a well-known composer: violin works by Franz Liszt. Together with the pianist Edoardo Torbianelli (on a Streicher pianoforte of 1856), he has recorded the Duet (Sonata) in C sharp minor, the Grand Duo concertant, Epithalam, written on the occasion of the marriage of the violinist Eduard Reményi (well-known in connection with Brahms), the Lugubrious Gondola /La lugubre gondola No. 1, the paraphrase The Three Gypsies after Lenau and Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 with a violin part by Joseph Joachim. The recording will be a discovery for many listeners!

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Die drei Zigeuner 8:41    
  Grand Duo concertant /für Klavier und Violine/        
2     (I) Lento assai 2:27    
3 (II) Thema. Andantino 1:34    
4 (III) Variation 1-3 6:04    
5 (IV) Variation 4. Tarantella. Presto 1:43    
6 (V) Finale. Animato marziale 2:00    
7 La lugubre gondola /für Violine und Klavier/ 6:41    
8 Epithalam /für Violine und Klavier/ 3:49    
9 Rhapsodie hongroise Nr.12 /für Klavier und Vio… 10:11    
  Duo (Sonate) für Klavier und Violine cis-Moll…        
10     (I) Moderato 5:58    
11 (II) Tema con Variazioni 4:15    
12 (III) Allegretto 4:52    
13 (IV) Allegro con brio 5:34    


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