Joseph Mayseder Vol.2/Kammermusik
Joseph Mayseder
Mayseder Quartett


Releasedate: 01.10.2017

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Joseph Mayseder Vol.2/Kammermusik

The Austrian virtuoso Joseph Mayseder was during his lifetime (1789-1863) a much sought-after violinist, pedagogue and composer of Viennese musical life and shares with many of his contemporaries the common fate of fading away in public remembrance. While in his days over 900 editions of his works were published, it is hard to find any of them on today's concert programs. The Mayseder Quartet with Raimund Lissy and Adela Frasineanu, violin, Robert Bauerstatter, viola and Othmar Müller, cello devotes itself to overcome this oblivion. The second volume of the complete edition of Mayseder's chamber music presents the world premiere recordings of the string quartets No. 5 D major Op. 9 and No. 6 G major Op. 23. The joyful and in part highly virtuoso works fail to provide an explanation for their long lasting negligence. Mayseder Quartet The members of the Mayseder Quartet have made it their goal to give more attention in the concert hall to infrequently played repertoire for piano quartet. Breathing together musically and personal harmony remain decisive for their success as chamber music performers. The four artists Raimund Lissy and Adela Frasineanu, violin, Robert Bauerstatter, viola, and Othmar Müller, cello strive to bring their joy in making music in unison with their striving towards the highest artistic quality. The ensemble gave its debut performance at the Austrian Music Weeks Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2008. They subsequently performed at the March Music Days chamber music festival in Russe, Bulgaria, as well as additional concerts in Bulgaria, Mexico City and in Krems, Austria.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Streichquartett Nr. 6 G-Dur op. 2…        
1     1. Allegro 12:12   2.39€
2 2. Adagio 7:39   1.59€
3 3. Rondo. Presto 9:16   1.59€
  Streichquartett Nr. 5 D-Dur op. 9        
4     1. Allegro 9:11   1.59€
5 2. Andante 9:54   1.59€
6 3. Scherzo. Allegro molto - Trio 6:25   1.59€
7 4. Finale. Allegro vivace 7:05   1.59€


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