Kammermusik mit Jörg Demus
Demus / Beethoven / Bach
Thomas Albertus Irnberger / Jörg Demus


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Kammermusik mit Jörg Demus

The work of pianist Jörg Demus was one of the most important musical exports of Austria after the end of the Second World War. In addition to many other musical partners Demus also entertained a very fruitful collaboration with the established Salzburg violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger, which is documented on the occasion of his death with 90 years in April 2019 with this 3-CD collection with mostly unpublished recordings. In addition to Ludwig van Beethoven's Violin Sonatas No. 1 in D major Op. 12 No. 1, No. 5 in F major Op. 24 and No. 6 in A major Op. 30 No. 1 (CD 1) there are two Sonatas for violin and piano by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1016/1017), the Three Romances Op. 94 by Robert Schumann and the famous Sonatina in G major Op. 100 by Antonin Dvorak (CD 3). The fact that Jörg Demus, in addition to his extensive concert tours and engagements as lecturer, appeared also as a composer in the last decades of his life is only known to proven connoisseurs. On CD 2 one can hear his Sonatas for Violin and Piano Op. 7 "Gahberg Sonata", Op. 35 "Il tramonto" and Op. 48 "Sonata sylvestre / Forest Sonata".

Jörg Demus

Jörg Demus, born in St Pölten, Austria, on December 2, 1928 received his first piano lessons at the age of six and was allowed to enter the Vienna State Academy of Music when he was eleven. After completing these studies in Vienna, he went abroad to study with Yves Nat in Paris, then with Walter Gieseking in Saarbrücken, later with Wilhelm Kempff, Edwin Fischer and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. When Jörg Demus was 14 years old he made his debut at the famous Brahms Saal for the prestigious «Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde» in Vienna. In 1950 he gave first concerts in Zurich and London and in 1951 he went on his first extended tour to South America.
In the course of his life Jörg Demus has achieved a repertory of more than 350 LPs, Compact Discs, and Video recordings. Several of Jörg Demus' recordings were inspired by his passion of collecting old historic keyboard instruments. Jörg Demus died in Vienna on April 16, 2019.

Thomas Albertus Irnberger

Thomas Albertus Irnberger is among Austria's leading violinists. The German specialist press wrote: «like hardly any other young artist in his field, in recent years Irnberger has secured himself a leading position amongst Europe's violinist elite.»
At the age of 15 in the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels he celebrated a debut that attracted widespread attention as the soloist in Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto. Since then Thomas Albertus Irnberger has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in major concert halls in Europe, Israel and in Asia, and has been invited to renowned international music festivals.
His recordings have regularly been the recipients of prizes and top rankings from the international press. Since 2008 Thomas Albertus Irnberger has devoted himself to research into and the rediscovery of «ostracised composers», and in Israel he played the first performance of the violin concerto by Hans Gál.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Beethoven - Sonate fur Klavier un…        
1     I Allegro con brio 8:46   1.59€
2 II Tema con variazioni. Andante c… 6:45   1.59€
3 III Rondo. Allegro 4:45   0.99€
  Beethoven - Sonate fur Klavier un…        
4     I Allegro 10:06   2.39€
5 II Adagio molto espressivo 5:07   1.59€
6 III Scherzo. Allegro molto 1:27   0.99€
7 IV Rondo. Allegro ma non troppo 7:14   1.59€
  Beethoven - Sonate fur Klavier un…        
8     I Allegro 7:17   1.59€
9 II Adagio molto espressivo 6:53   1.59€
10 III Allegretto con variazioni 8:46   1.59€
2   Demus - Sonate fur Violine und Kl…        
1     I Il tramonto 12:49   2.39€
2 II Chant d'automne (Herbstviolen) 2:32   0.99€
3 III Valse (Deine Liebe ist Gruen) 2:14   0.99€
4 IV Le vol d'oiseaux 4:16   0.99€
  Demus - Sonate fur Violine und Kl…        
5     I Elegie 5:01   1.59€
6 II Scherzo phantasque 5:52   1.59€
7 III Nocturne 4:15   0.99€
8 IV Final 5:53   1.59€
  Demus - Sonate fur Violine und Kl…        
9     I Le muguet (Das Ma… 9:32   1.59€
10 II Conte des fees (Waldesmaerchen… 4:53   0.99€
11 III Chez les nains (Bei den siebe… 6:10   1.59€
12 IV Nocturne (In Waldesnacht). And… 4:43   0.99€
13 V Le passereau (Der Spatz). Leger… 6:22   1.59€
3   J.S.Bach - Sonate fur Violine und…        
1     I Adagio 4:38   0.99€
2 II Allegro 3:13   0.99€
3 III Adagio ma non tanto 4:43   0.99€
4 IV Allegro 4:06   0.99€
  J.S.Bach - Sonate fur Violine und…        
5     I Siciliano. Largo 4:05   0.99€
6 II Allegro 5:31   1.59€
7 III Adagio 3:14   0.99€
8 IV Allegro 4:00   0.99€
  Schumann - Drei Romanzen fur Viol…        
9     I Nicht schnell 3:25   0.99€
10 II Einfach, innig 4:00   0.99€
11 III Nicht schnell 4:50   0.99€
  Dvorák - Sonatine G-Dur fur Violi…        
12     I Allegro risoluto 5:21   1.59€
13 II Larghetto 3:51    
14 III Molto vivace 2:47    
15 IV Allegro molto - Molto tranqui… 5:44    


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