Tomasi / Bozza / Francaix / Heinisch / Hödl
Trio Mignon Wien


Releasedate: 08.12.2018

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In 2005 Helene Kenyeri, oboe, Mirjam Schiestl, clarinet and Marion Biber-Janda, bassoon came together to form the ensemble Trio Mignon Vienna. This special kind of ensemble first established itself as independent chamber music formation in France at the beginning of the 20th century, when renowned composers such as Henri Tomasi, Eugene Bozza and Jean Francaix, whose works are featured on this CD, wrote for this special cast. Besides arrangements of Baroque and Renaissance repertoire, another focal point of the young musicians' artistic work constitutes contemporary music by (Austrian) composers such as Thomas Heinisch and Helmut Hödl, whose works also appear on this album. Above all, it is the passion for the beautiful, enchanting and inspiring sound of this combination of instruments that from the start provided impulses to the ensemble for conveying music to the young and elderly.

Trio Mignon

Oboist Helene Kenyeri, clarinetist Mirjam Schiestl and bassoonist Marion Biber-Janda came together as the Trio Mignon Wien in 2005. The name of the trio, "Mignon" - translated literally from the French it means "dearest," "sweet" - very pointedly describes the sounds, the colors and the character of its repertoire.
The special nature of the ensemble is called Trio d'anches, which more or less means "mouthpiece ensemble" or "reed ensemble," and first established itself as an autonomous chamber music formation in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Renowned composers such as Francis Poulenc, Darius Milhaud and Jean Françaix wrote works for this special formation.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 I Ouverture 2:09   0.99€
2 II Minuetto 1:51   0.99€
3 III Bourrée 1:49   0.99€
4 IV Nocturne 3:12   0.99€
5 V Tambourin 1:04   0.99€
6 I Allegro moderato 4:39   0.99€
7 II Allegro vivo 1:45   0.99€
8 III Adagio espressivo 3:01   0.99€
9 IV Final: Allegro vivo 2:23   0.99€
10 I Prélude 3:29   0.99€
11 II Allegretto assai 1:52   0.99€
12 III Elégie 2:57   0.99€
13 IV Scherzo 2:21   0.99€
14 I Anrufung 2:56   0.99€
15 II Mémoriale - dem Andenken an Pierre Boulez 3:14   0.99€
16 III Étude mécanique d'après une idée de Gyö 3:06   0.99€
17 IV Leise, schwebend, entrückt 1:35   0.99€
18 I ,,Edel-Vollmilch" 3:27   0.99€
19 II ,,Zart-Bitter" 3:37   0.99€
20 III ,,... mit ganzen Nüssen" 4:35   0.99€


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