Debussy / Staud / Bax / Genzmer
Trio Partout / Flöte / Viola / Harfe


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The combination of flute, viola and harp instruments is one of the most unusual and delightful chamber music combinations, as the Trio Partout brilliantly proves with their CD "Play of Colors". Probably the first work in music history for this line-up was by Claude Debussy, who composed his "Sonate pour flûte, alto et harpe" in 1915 under the impact of the beginning of the First World War. Only a year later, the British composer Arnold Bax published his "Elegiac Trio", which acts as a kind of dream sequence through the ostinato harp arpeggios and lyrical elements of viola and flute. Harald Genzmer is considered one of the key composers of German music after the Second World War, and in 1947 wrote the Trio for flute, viola and harp, whose impressionistic sound images seemingly refer to Debussy. The Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud uses a variety of modern playing techniques in his work "Sydenham Music" from 2011.

The Trio Partout was founded by three Austrian musicians Birgit Ramsl-Gaal, Johannes Flieder and Gabriela Mossyrsch and is the only Austrian ensemble using this traditional instrumentation. Inspired by the sheer variety of this combination of sounds the three instrumentalists complement each other at a high artistic level. Alongside their work in the area of chamber music each of them holds a top position in a well-known Viennese orchestra.
The Trio Partout has set itself the task of cultivating the literature for this acoustically delightful combination of instruments, while also aiming to expand it, which leads to collaboration with actors, dancers and painters. To date they have been invited to give concert performances in the framework of chamber music series both in Austria and abroad.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Debussy: Sonate für Flöte, Viola und Harfe        
1     I Pastorale. Lento, dolce rubato 7:04   1.59€
2 II Interlude. Tempo di minuetto 5:50   1.59€
3 III Final. Allegro moderato ma risoluto 4:53   0.99€
  Johannes Maria Staud: Sydenham Music        
4     Tempo rubato, von grosser Zarthe… 7:33   1.59€
  Arnold Bax: Elegiac Trio        
5     Moderate Tempo 10:03   2.39€
  Harald Genzmer: Trio für Flöte, Viola und Harf…        
6     I Fantasia. Andante 4:58   0.99€
7 II Scherzo. Allegro vivace 4:38   0.99€
8 III Notturno. Ruhig fliessend 4:50   0.99€
9 Thema mit Variationen ueber ein altes Volkslie… 6:06   1.59€


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