Stucky / Lutoslawski / Various
Elinor Frey / David Fung

Yarlung Records, 1 LP

Releasedate: 01.11.2015

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Elinor Frey and David Fung share an intimate dialogue with us in this album. This is Elinor's debut album, but David we know from his prior recordings with ABC in Australia, and Yarlung Records in the United States. Indeed I play David's solo piano recordings on my radio broadcasts. But the quality of musical collaboration on this disc reveals a sincere friendship that arose as a result of their rehearsals and performances together. Elinor and David remind me of a famous comment about Oscar Peterson and Billie Holiday performing together, that his special ability with music spread flower petals at her feet, upon which she then danced. David and Elinor communicate with sincerity and sympathetic sensitivity. Great concert pianists, primarily famous as soloists or for their concerto repertoire, sometimes also reach heights of musical collaboration. Emanuel Ax, Alfred Brendel, Jeffrey Kahane and Andras Schiff come to mind, especially in concert performances. Thank you Elinor and David for giving us musical dialogue of this caliber. The music on this disc with its many splendors acquaints us with many forms of dialogue. Successful dialogues (each element acting upon the other) produce change and evolution. Dialogue is quintessentially creative. Human genes dialogue when our species creates new life, and audience and musician can remain changed forever after a great concert. Evolution itself is an endless dialogue between beings and their environments. Dialogue, therefore, is always about Love in the largest sense, about creation, accommodation, adaptation and survival. I hope the many levels of dialogue on this album will give you years of pleasure and (who knows?) maybe even encourage evolutionary growth. --Martin Perlich, KCSN-FM

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Canciones populares españolas (7 spanische Vol…        
1     Asturiana (transkr. für Violonce…        
2 Grave        
3 Dialoghi (Studi su un nome)        
4 Suite für Violoncello solo Nr. 1 G-Dur BWV 100…        
4     1. Prelude        
5     2. Allemand        
6     3. Courante        
7     4. Sarabande        
8     5. Minuets        
9     6. Gigue        


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