La Passion/Live at Sidney Opera House
Piazzolla / Lakatos / Rimsky-Korsakov
Roby & Ensemble Lakatos

Avanti, 1 SACD

Releasedate: 01.05.2013

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La Passion/Live at Sidney Opera House

The king of the violinists, lauded as "The fastest-fingered fiddler in the world" by The Daily Telegraph, the unique Roby Lakatos is back with a stunning new double album: La Passion! Entirely recorded live at the iconic Sydney Opera House, La Passion will allow music lovers to discover Gypsy supernatural violinist Roby Lakatos in an all new program including never previously recorded pieces such asMeadowlands (Songs of the Plains), the Flight of the Bumblebee, Valse Triste, Oblivion, Chiquilin, Those Were the Days, Du Schwarzer Zigeuner and many more gems new to Roby's discography. The second CD is devoted to the most famous bis of Roby's repertoire with such beloved pieces as Two Guitars, Fire Dance, Black Eyes (Ochi Chornyje), Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5, Monti's Csardas... This album also features a phenomenal L'Alouette (The Lark) lasting more than twelve minutes and catching Roby Lakatos in a jubilatory improvisation. This double Hybrid SACD Surround recording will furthermore allow many listeners to discover an all rejuvenated Ensemble featuring an amazing array of young Hungarian musicians aged from only 19 to 25! La Passion captures the unique energy that emanates from Roby Lakatos' live performances. This double album constitutes a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world marked by musical freedom, warmth, matchless virtuosity and surprising repertoire ideas with long forgotten melodies set in totally new and original arrangements.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 New Alliance 7:14    
2 Valse Triste 4:02    
3 Polyushka Polye 5:13    
4 Oblivion 8:19    
5 Stari Waltz 7:59    
6 Ne Na Na Na 3:53    
7 The Flight Of The Bumbeblee 4:42    
8 Chiquilin De Bachin 6:13    
9 Dorogoi Dlinnoyu 4:08    
10 Du Schwarzer Zigeuner 3:48    
11 SK Paraphrase 8:46    
12 L'Alouette 12:50    
2 1 Hungarian Dance no 5 4:05    
2 Fire Dance 9:51    
3 Honeysuckle Rose 8:43    
4 Two Guitars 7:21    
5 Papa Can You Hear Me 5:11    
6 Ochi Chornyje 4:49    
7 Csardas 5:33    
8 Hora Di Marrakchi 4:11    
9 Cuenta Conmigo 5:44    


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