Alois Hochstrasser/eine Anthologie
Beethoven / Bruckner / Haydn / uva.
Hochstrasser / Pannonische Phil. / Grazer Konzertchor


Releasedate: 01.11.2021

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Alois Hochstrasser/eine Anthologie

The Interpannon Concert Society presents this box of live recordings from what are now 50 years of concert activity of the concert and choral association, which was founded in the fall of 1971 by Alois J. Hochstrasser as the “Graz Concert Choir”. The present anthology contains vocal and instrumental masterpieces that range from the baroque via the First Viennese School and the romantic period all the way to the modernist era. Symphonies and concertos are included, as are recordings of oratorios, masses, operas, and musicals. The recordings largely stem from concerts given at Graz’s historic Stefanien Hall, at the Internationale Sommerphilharmonie Leoben Festival, and the Pentecost Concerts Weiz, but also from charity concerts in Feldbach and Vorau (both in Styria). Additionally, complete recordings of Haydn’s Creation, Beethovens’ Ninth and Bruckner’s 7th Symphony are included.


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