Amazonia/Symphonic Poem
Miguel Kertsman
Russell Davies / Brucknerorch. / Schulz


Releasedate: 06.09.2012

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Amazonia/Symphonic Poem

Brazilian-American Composer, Miguel Kertsman (b.1965) captivates audiences internationally with prolific compositions and critically acclaimed productions released for labels such as Sony Classical and RCA Victor Group, spanning the boundaries of conventional music genres. Amazonia is Miguel Kertsman's new album recording focusing on two of his early and younger works: ACORDA! (Wake-up! in Portuguese), Symphonic Poem (1987), written at age 21 as a protest against the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest; and "Sinfonia Brasileira Concertante for Flute and Orchestra" (1988) featuring Vienna Philharmonic Principal Flutist Wolfgang Schulz as soloist. The album is completed with the slightly later work "Chamber Symphony No. 1" (1995) scored for a "darker orchestra" (lower range woodwinds and strings, organ, with multiple percussionists and two female voices), traveling from polyrhythmic contrapuntal textures and Brazilian seascapes to deep contemplative meditation when "time stands still." Dennis Russell Davies conducts the Bruckner Orchestra Linz on this premium sound audiophile recording.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Chamber Symphony No. 1,"Acorda!"        
1     Awakening/The Jouney/Sun and Oce… 11:28   2.39€
  Sinfonia Concertante Brasileira for Flute and…        
2     (I) Adagio-Andante-Allegro. Atta… 16:05   3.19€
3 (II) Largo:Choro 8:02   1.59€
4 (III) Rondo:The Dumb Donkey Called Jackass 7:53   1.59€
5 Amazônia - Symphonic Poem 16:36   3.19€


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