Romeo And Juliet

Nimbus, 1 CD

Releasedate: 13.08.2014

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Romeo And Juliet

"The recording delivers in sheer horsepower as well as in subtlety. The first can be appreciated in the contrast between whispered tension and blurted out fortissimo in the first movement. The way the solo cello pages reach out to you from the Right Hand speaker in The Child Juliet is unique and most tellingly done. Otaka suits me very well not least because he excels at the extremes of yielding innocence and black tragedy. At Otaka's broader pace detail after detail emerges to satisfying effect. If you fear that he weakens the faster movements try the final one in this sequence: Death of Tybalt which fairly pelts along."

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     1. Montagues and Capulets 5:45    
2     2. The child Juliet 4:26    
3     4. Dance 2:21    
4     6. Dance of the antilles girls 2:55    
5     2. Morning dance 2:39    
6     6. Romeo and Juliet 8:43    
7     7. Romeo at the grave of Juliet 7:18    
8     7. Death of Tybalt 5:16    
9 Romeo und Julia (Fantasie-Ouvertüre nach Shake… 21:37    


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