Gaspard de la Nuit/Jeux d'eau/Sonatine/Pavane
Maurice Ravel
Stefan Vladar


Releasedate: 15.09.2015

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Gaspard de la Nuit/Jeux d'eau/Sonatine/Pavane

'It is with certainty one of the most virtuoso pieces of all', Stefan Vladar says about the piano suite Gaspard de la nuit, which constitutes, so to speak, the main work on this CD. The pianist has worked on the three movements of the work for more than two decades and also consistently studied Ravel's other piano compositions, which seem to belong to highly different styles, reflecting completely different aspects of technical virtuosity on the piano as well as differing compositional problems. As one of the most eminent artistic personalities in Austria Stefan Vladar has both as a pianist and a conductor an excellent international reputation for many years, and the journal Fono Forum speaks of him as 'one of the most remarkable pianists of our age'.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     Nr. 1 Die Wassernixe 6:28    
2     Nr. 2 Der Galgen 6:53    
3     Nr. 3 Der Kobold 9:14    
4 Jeux d'eau 5:52    
5     1. Modéré 4:11    
6     2. Mouvement de Menuet 2:55    
7     3. Animé 3:46    
8 Pavane pour une Infante défunte 5:56    
9 A la manière de Borodine 1:41    
10 A la manière de Emmanuel Chabrier 2:22    


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