Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ingrid Marsoner


Releasedate: 01.01.2015

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After her much-heeded CD with works by Rick LaSalle, with her latest recording the young Graz-born pianist now turns to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Next to the tragic Sonata in C minor KV 475 and its associated Fantasia KV 457, the charming Sonata in A major KV 331 promises emotional reconciliation. Marsoner's technical brilliance and convincing changes of mood appear here wonderfully, and her interpretation of the Six Variations in G major KV 180 on the aria 'Mio caro Adone' from the opera La fiera di Venezia by Antonio Salieri captivates with transparency and simple lyricism. Ingrid Marsoner The Austrian pianist Ingrid Marsoner is blessed with a musical sensitivity rarely to be found in the younger generation. Without any mawkishness, she is capable of moving listeners with Franz Schubert, accomplishing structural and atmospheric miracles with Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations, unfolding an amazing energy in musical competition with symphony orchestras and then, when she dips into the subtleties of a Mozart sonata or a modern impression, differentiating the finest nuances so fluently that the famous borderline between musical art and music once more completely loses its validity. At the age of eleven, Ingrid Marsoner was accepted by the Music Academy in Graz, where she studied with Edwin Fischer's pupil Sebastian Benda, supported by the Martha Debelli Scholarship until school leaving certificate. Subsequently she moved to the legendary Moscow pianist Rudolf Kehrer in Vienna. She has received major musical inspiration from other eminent pianists such as Tatiana Nikolayeva, Paul Badura-Skoda and Alfred Brendel. Competition successes and invitations to competition juries soon followed. May mention here be made of first prizes at the Steinway Competition and the Jeunesse Competition in Vienna, the 'Big Prize, awarded for a performance of an exceptional quality', which the pianist was awarded for her interpretation of Schumann's Kreisleriana at the Young Artists Peninsula Music Festival in Los Angeles as well as an invitation to join the jury of the International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig in 2014.

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Sonate Nr. 11, 1. Andante grazios… 13:11   2.39€
2 Sonate Nr. 11, 2. Menuetto 6:14   1.59€
3 Sonate Nr. 11, 3. Alla Turca 3:06   0.99€
4 Fantasie c-Moll KV 475 12:28   2.39€
5 Sonate Nr. 14, 1. Molto Allegro 5:58   1.59€
6 Sonate Nr. 14, 2. Adagio 7:53   1.59€
7 Sonate Nr. 14, 3. Allegro assai 4:37   0.99€
8 6 Variationen KV 180 Mio caro Ado… 8:35   1.59€

KLASSIK HEUTE   Christof Jetzschke    April 9  2015

"(…) The performer entirely disappears behind the music and is the medium through which Mozart himself seems to be speaking in complete clarity. But, despite this withdrawal, Marsoner’s view of Mozart bears the stamp of what is unmistakably personal. Profound musical insight and an extraordinary understanding of Mozart speak from the pianist’s brilliant art when earnest and dramatic elements shine through in what is ostensibly ‘light’ in the variation movement and the Menuetto of the A major Sonata, when charm and playfulness can be heard in the anguish and protest of the Fantasia Sonata in C minor and when the listener feels as if he is encountering these two sonatas almost for the first time (…)

What splendid touch and overmastering art of phrasing the pianist possesses are finally shown by the Variations in G major KV 180 on the aria ‘Mio caro Adone’ from the opera La fiera Venezia by Antonio Salieri.                                                                                                       The conclusion: this is a Mozart that will resound for a long, very long time."

KLASSIK NEWSLETTER BERLIN    Arnt Cobbers   April 9  2015

"There are thousands of Mozart piano recordings, but we always take delight in a CD by the Austrian Ingrid Marsoner. Not only does the Graz-born pianist play wonderfully subtly and sensitively, she has also compiled an attractive programme (…)"

TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG   Ursula Strohal     February 15  2015 

Subtly, cleverly and with a moving differentiation between the oppressive work KV 457 together with the Fantasia and the light Sonata KV 331.

"CD DES TAGES PLUS" on Radio Stephansdom   February 4  2015

"A rarely good Mozart recording."


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