Sonaten KV330/331/545
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Paul Badura-Skoda


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Sonaten KV330/331/545

When a pianist extraordinaire still has a lot to say far beyond the usual retirement age, he continues to go on extensive tours in order to move people emotionally with his work and music. But when Paul Badura-Skoda, who is meant here, even undertakes the exertions of undergoing long recording sessions to record on three CDs sonatas and other piano works by W. A. Mozart on one of the fortepianos in his collection, then that is a completely different thing. For that means that the matter is close to his heart, and we can be curious to hear how 'his' Mozart has 'matured' with him over the years. This anthology opens with the Sonata facile KV 545 and Sonatas KV 330 and 331.

Paul Badura-Skoda
First place in the Austrian Music Competition in 1947 meant the beginning of his career. His teacher was Edwin Fischer. Since 1949, he has performed with major conductors such as Wilhelm Furtwängler and Herbert von Karajan. Major tours as a soloist followed: Australia in 1952, USA - Canada in 1952/53, Latin America from Mexico to Argentina in 1953, and in 1956 he conducted a chamber orchestra of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra on a tour of Italy.
Further highlights in his career were his first tour of Japan, where he appeared in Tokyo alone 14 times, and the first, highly successful tour through the Soviet Union in 1964, which was followed by many other tours. In 1979, Paul Badura-Skoda was the first Western pianist to perform in China after the Cultural Revolution. In the Mozart jubilee year 1991, he played the cycle of all Mozart's sonatas in Paris, Vienna, Munich, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, he could be heard in all the parts of the world.
The focus of his extensive repertoire (he has made more than 200 recordings) is on works by Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Paul Badura-Skoda holds honorary doctorates from the Academy of Music and Performing Art in Mannheim (2006), the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (2010) and the Akademii Muzycznej w Krakowie - Academy of Music in Cracow (2013).
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Sonate Nr.16 C-Dur KV 545 "Sonata facile" (178…        
1     (I) Allegro 4:41   0.99€
2 (II) Andante 4:57   0.99€
3 (III) Rondo (Allegretto) 2:06   0.99€
  Sonate Nr.10 C-Dur KV 330 (300h) (1783)        
4     (I) Allegro moderato 9:02   1.59€
5 (II) Andante cantabile 5:55   1.59€
6 (III) Allegretto 5:43   1.59€
  Sonate Nr.11 A-Dur KV 331 (300i) (1783)        
7     (I) Andante grazioso 12:39   2.39€
8 (II) Menuetto 5:48   1.59€
9 (III) Alla Turca (Allegretto) 3:39   0.99€
  "Das Butterbrot" C-Dur KV Anh.C.27.09 (A.284n)        
10     Tempo di Valse 1:05   0.99€


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