Harpsifly - A Story of Gordon Murray
Mozart / Frescobaldi / Haydn / Bach
Traxler / Zmuda / Gottfried / Visovan / Sohn


Releasedate: 01.05.2021

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Harpsifly - A Story of Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray, born in Canada, was professor for harpsichord at the Universities of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and Vienna, Austria; he published numerous recordings and gave performances with some of the most popular ensembles of ancient music up to his sudden death in 2017. “Harpsifly”, the album in remembrance of his artistic legacy features some of his most established students playing on historic keyboard instruments from his personal collection, the likes of which include harpsichords by Andreas Ruckers from 1644, Nicolas Dumont from 1707, and Carlo Grimaldi from 1697, as well as new renditions of a Flemish instrument and a fortepiano by Anton Walter from Vienna. The works presented are by Frescobaldi, Sweelinck, Tomkins, Couperin, J. S. Bach, dʼAnglebert and CPE Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven as well as ranging into modern times with “Hungarian Rock” by Ligeti and “Jazz-Impro” by one of the artists, Stefan Gottfried.

Erich Traxler, as a harpsichordist and organist, concentrates mostly on music from between 1600 und 1800. In the area of interpretation his main focus is on exploring “the handcraft of music” as the basis for composing music in the Baroque era and for a direct language of music that continued into the 19th century.

Aurelia Vişovan is an internationally acclaimed Romanian pianist, harpsichordist and fortepianist, winner of the Musica Antiqua Competition Brugge (fortepiano) in 2019. She is currently teaching piano and chamber music at the University for Music in Nuremberg and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Dubee Sohn, who was born in Seoul/South Korea in 1989, comes from a family of artists and has been living in Europe since 1999. She studied piano and harpsichord (Gordon Murray) at Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, as well as at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel under Andrea Marcon, Francesco Corti and Jörg-Andreas Bötticher. She is winner of the first prize at the Concorso Internazionale di Clavicembalo Paola Bernardi 2019 in Bologna and at the Concorso Internazionale di Clavicembalo Gianni Gambi 2019 in Pesaro.

Paulina Żmuda was born in Poland in 1989. She studied harpsichord in the Poznań Academy of Music in Poland and the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (Gordon Murray). In 2015 Żmuda won the special prize of contemporary literature in the European Harpsichord Competition Paola Bernardi 2015 in Bologna (Italy) and in 2016 the Golden Finalist Medal in the 8th International Music Competition and Festival for Soloist and Chamber Groups in Nova Gorizia (Slovenia).

Stefan Gottfried, born in Vienna, studied piano, harpsichord, composition and music pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, as well as basso continuo and historic keyboard instruments at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, French horn at the Vienna Conservatory and mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2004, Stefan Gottfried has worked regularly with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, and is professor for piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Following the resignation of Nikolaus Harnoncourt in December 2015, Stefan Gottfried, together with Erich Höbarth and Andrea Bischof, took over the artistic direction of Concentus Musicus Wien.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Girolamo Frescobaldi: Toccata sec… 4:00   0.99€
2 Sweelinck: Variations on "Onder e… 5:05   1.59€
3 Thomas Tomkins: A Sad Pavan for T… 6:06   1.59€
  Louis Couperin     0.99€  
4     Prelude in D minor,… 2:28    
5 Chaconne in D minor, from Suite I… 2:35   0.99€
6 J.S.Bach: Toccata in C minor, BWV… 10:45   2.39€
7 György Ligeti: Hungarian Rock 5:13   1.59€
  Jean-Henri d'Anglebert: Suite in…     1.59€  
8     I Prelude 5:23    
9 II Allemande 3:28   0.99€
10 III Courante 1:36   0.99€
11 IV Sarabande. Grave 3:42   0.99€
12 V Gigue 2:24   0.99€
13 Stefan Gottfried: Jazz-Impro 3:05   0.99€
14 C.P.E.Bach: Fantasie in F-sharp m… 11:40   2.39€
15 Ludwig van Beethoven: Andante Fav… 8:40   1.59€
16 Joseph Haydn: Divertimento in C M… 4:38   0.99€
17 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Fantasia… 5:58   1.59€


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