Floetenkonzerte/Sinf Conc.blaeser
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ristenpart / Rampal / Wagner

Membran, 2 CD

Releasedate: 01.10.2016

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Floetenkonzerte/Sinf Conc.blaeser

French master _ autist Jean-Pierre Rampal had a formative in_ uence on the development and importance of classical _ ute playing during the 20th century - and his exemplary career helped the instrument gain a degree of popularity that prompted one of Washington Post's reviewers to pose the question: "Can any other _ autist since Frederick the Great boast as many fans as Jean-Pierre Rampal?" Through Rampal's international career as a virtuoso - and his work as a conductor - the musician made a crucial contribution to the _ ute being accepted as a solo instrument on the international concert scene. Rampal was a declared lover of French baroque and was praised for the technical perfection, intelligence and elegance of his playing; several hundred LPs and CDs bear witness to the beauty and purity of his _ ute sound and great poetical power. These recordings, made in 1954 and 1955, prove the _ ute virtuoso to be not only a lover of Mozart's music but also a connoisseur of his art.


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