Cézanne-Portraits of a Life
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Releasedate: 03.03.2020

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Cézanne-Portraits of a Life

During his life Cezanne painted almost a thousand works, two hundred of which were portraits. Despite this proliferation he remains the least known of the impressionists and perhaps the most misunderstood. Cezanne - Portraits of a Life is based on a 'never-to-be-repeated' exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery, London; Musee d'Orsay, Paris; and Washington's National Gallery of Art. These portraits provide the substance of this illuminating film which casts entirely new light on Cezanne's life and work.

Shot in 4k, featuring interviews with art experts and conversations with his great-grandson Philippe Cezanne, viewers travel to the artist's home and studio in Provence. Through Cezanne's correspondence the DVD provides a rare understanding of the significance and genius of Cezanne and the key to a true appreciation of 20th Century art.

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