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Releasedate: 10.01.2016

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For many years Austrian bass singer Robert Holzer and pianist Thomas Kerbl have been performing manifold concert programs and CD recordings. Their latest album puts a focus on the literary form of the ballade and its musical processing. Subtitled “Ballades Through the Ages” it spans an arc from works of the middle ages (two ballades with hurdy-gurdy), by Franz Schubert (e.g. Erlkönig and Prometheus), Carl Loewe (Die Uhr), Heinrich Marschner, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms und Hugo Wolf (Der Feuerreiter) to the Ballade vom Bettelvogt by Wilhelm Weismann. A musical program which has proven very successful in many concerts will finally be released on CD.

Robert Holzer
Internationally acclaimed Austrian bass Robert Holzer studied singing at the Bruckner University in Linz with Prof. Gertrud Schulz and also at the University Mozarteum Salzburg with Prof. Rudolf Knoll. In 1991, he gave his debut at the Vienna State Opera and from 1996 until 2000, Holzer worked as first soloist bass at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, Germany.
His repertoire includes leading roles of the German and the Italian repertoire. Numerous TV, Radio and CD productions and recordings document the singer’s artistic activities.
Since 2006, the artist is teaching at the Anton Bruckner University Linz in interpretation courses of Lied und Oratorium (Song and Oratorio) and in 2011, he became head of the institute of singing and music theatre.

Thomas Kerbl
After piano studies in Linz, Thomas Kerbl subsequently developed a profound concert career both as a soloist and lied accompanist. At the age of 27 he became appointed the post of head of the lied oratorio class at the Bruckner Konservatorium, an became 2005 head of the department of singing and voice. Since 2009, Kerbl has been Artistic Dean at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz; additionally he leads the local music theater studio. Since 1995, he intensified his work as a conductor alongside great research interest in Franz Schubert.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Dir Herr, will ich mich ergeben, WAB 12 1:15   0.99€
2 O du liebes Jesu Kind. WAB 145 1:33   0.99€
3 Herz-Jesu-Lied, WAB 144 1:22   0.99€
4 In jener letzten der Naechte, WAB 17 1:32   0.99€
5 In jener letzten der Naechte (Chorfassung) 1:21   0.99€
6 Ave Maria, WAB 7 5:31   1.59€
7 Totenlied 1, WAB 47 1:03   0.99€
8 Totenlied 2, WAB 48 1:10   0.99€
9 Fruehlingslied, WAB 68 1:35   0.99€
10 Wie bist du, Fruehling, gut und treu, WAB 58 5:38   1.59€
11 Im April, WAB 75 4:45   0.99€
12 Kantate fuer Dechant Jodok Stuelz, WAB 15 8:49   1.59€
13 Herbstkummer, WAB 72 4:13   0.99€
14 Mein Herz und meine Stimme, WAB 79 3:38   0.99€
15 Magnificat, WAB 24 5:21   1.59€
16 Der Mondabend, WAB deest 29 3:22   0.99€


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