Pace mio Dio
Catalani / Cilea / Verdi / Puccini
Dinara Alieva

Delos, 1 CD

Releasedate: 15.01.2014

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Pace mio Dio

Rising Azerbaijani soprano Dinara Alieva – already a glittering star in the Russian operatic firmament – is rapidly taking the world by storm as her magnificent voice, riveting stage presence, emotionally devastating interpretations and personal beauty are being experienced in ever-­‐widening global circles. Having gained the confidence and admiration of many legendary figures in the world of opera, she is poised on the brink of becoming an international superstar.

In this, her debut album for Delos, Dinara delivers a choice assortment of mostly well-­‐ known Italian opera arias, including many of the best-­‐loved examples by Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Alfredo Catalani, Francesco Cilea, and Ruggero Leoncavallo. She gets lush and idiomatically true orchestral support from the Czech National Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro Marcello Rota: a specialist in Italian opera.



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