Das Glück is a Vogerl
Leopoldi / Kratzl / Föderl / Schrammel
Steinhauer / OÖ Concert-Schrammeln


Releasedate: 20.01.2014

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Das Glück is a Vogerl

Happiness is a Wee Birdie - it is between gaiety, melancholy and the fatalism so typical of the Viennese soul that the Viennese and wine tavern songs roam, sung by the well-known actor and cabaret artist Erwin Steinhauer with the Upper Austrian Concert-Schrammeln and released on this new CD. Successful hits of this genre such as Wenn der Herrgott net will, nützt es gar nix, Einmal in der Wochen fall i' um, I hab's G'fühl - i' hab z'viel, In der Barnabitengasse or Ich bin ein Durchschnittswiener by composers like Ernst Arnold, Hans von Frankowski, Karl Föderl, Hans Lang or Hermann Leopoldi permit a profound and authentic insight into the emotional life of the Viennese. Original Schrammel classics by Johann Schrammel, Wendelin Engel, Josef Mikulas and Alois Strohmayer combine waltzes, dances, polkas, marches and other forms of Viennese folk music.

Erwin Steinhauer
Erwin Steinhauer, born in Vienna in 1951, studied History and German and turned to the cabaret in 1974. After his first commitments at the Theater an der Wien and the Kabarett Simpl in Vienna, he learnt the profession of 'cabaret artist' with Lore Lorentz at the Düsseldorf Kommödchen.
After 1981, he showed his satirical and musical programmes with Arthur Lauber on the piano in Vienna, was hired the next year by the Burgtheater, which he happily left in 1988, and has since commuted between theatre, cabaret and music, film and television work at the Burgtheater, the Volkstheater, the Volksoper, the Salzburg Festival, the Theater in der Josefstadt, the Landestheater St. Pölten and the Theater Rabenhof in Vienna.
In 1984/85, the first major assignment for the ORF: Der Sonne entgegen, 12 episodes about four dropouts.
In 1992, Der Salzbaron, a 7-part series for the ORF and Bavarian Radio, directed by Bernd Fischerauer. In 1995, he began co-operating with Uli and Xaver Schwarzenberger, who provided the ORF with films such as Single Bells, Dinner for Two and, most recently, Meine schöne Tochter.
After 2007, he has again been a permanent guest at the Theater in der Josefstadt. Since 2010, Steinhauer has been touring the country with the Upper Austrian Concert Schrammeln, reads and sings Viennese material and in 2011 founded his own ensemble 'Steinhauer und seine Lieben' with Peter Rosmanith, Georg Graf and Joe Pinkl.

Oberösterreichische Concert-Schrammeln
Founded in 1996 and reformed in 2009, the Upper Austrian Concert-Schrammeln are members of the Österreichische Salonisten (Austrian Salonists), teachers at Upper Austrian music schools and soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians. They perform original Schrammel music by Johann and Josef Schrammel, Mikulas, Sioly, the Strauss family, Ziehrer, Strohmayer etc.
They have had programmes and appearances throughout the German-speaking world, especially with the actor and interpreter of Viennese songs Erwin Steinhauer, but also with Agnes Palmisano, Günter Rainer, Wolfgang Böck, Erich Wessner, Walter Zeh, Franz Suhrada, Barbara Wussow
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 I`triff mi heut am Abend mit mein Affen 2:45   0.99€
2 Glasscherben-Tanz 3:26   0.99€
3 Ich bin ein Durchschnittswiener 2:57   0.99€
4 Jedlersee 2:51   0.99€
5 Die Windmühle, Polka schnell 2:07   0.99€
6 In der Barnabitengassen 3:02   0.99€
7 Einmal in der Wochen fall i`um 3:54   0.99€
8 Geany-Szerelem, Ungarischer Marsch 3:19   0.99€
9 Das Glück is` a Vogerl 5:32   1.59€
10 I`waß net, is Grinzing denn wirklich so schön.… 5:56   1.59€
11 Im Wiener Dialekt, Walzer 6:49   1.59€
12 Wenn der Herrgott net will, nützt es gar nix! 5:01   1.59€
13 Alt Wiener Tänze in h-Moll 4:47   0.99€
14 I`hab`s G`fühl-i`hab z`viel 3:35   0.99€
15 Erst, wann`s aus wird sein 3:19   0.99€


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