Missa Solemnis/Magnificat/Tantum Ergo/ua.
Anton Bruckner / Führer / Eybler / Gänsbacher
Borowicz / Rias Kammerchor / Ak.für Alte Musik

Accentus Music, 1 CD

Releasedate: 05.02.2018

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Missa Solemnis/Magnificat/Tantum Ergo/ua.

Anyone familiar with Bruckner, his symphonic architectures reaching for the stars as well as his later Missas from the 1860s, may well be amazed at how deep his Missa Solemnis is still rooted in the solid tradition of Viennese Classicism. In this recording, this rarely heard and recently re-edited and newly published gem is put into the context of the inauguration service of collegiate provost Friedrich Mayr on 14 September 1854 in St. Florian, for which it was written. It is interspersed with the original Proper settings by Robert Führer, Joseph Eybler, and Johann Baptist Gänsbacher. Recorded at the Konzerthaus Berlin in June 2017. A co-produktion with Deutschlandfunk Kultur.


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