Große Messe
Walter Braunfels
Weigle / Konzerthausorchester Berlin / Berl.Singak.


Releasedate: 02.05.2016

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Große Messe

Braunfel's feeling for drama and responsiveness to words proved assets when composing not only his operas and songs, but also for those works with a spiritual dimension - his Te Deum and the Great Mass. He completed the latter in 1926, when he was at the height of his fame. It isn't a liturgical work, but it speaks with a distinct, sincere spiritual conviction. "He is a high-romantic, firmly rooted in the German compositional tradition, and yet he has a unique voice - sensationally well-orchestrated - which makes his output so fantastic." (Weigle)
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     Kyrie 7:41    
2     Gloria 11:33    
3     Credo 28:12    
4     Offertorium 4:40    
5     Sanctus 5:35    
6     Interludium 2:02    
7     Benedictus 7:57    
8     Agnus Dei 7:33    


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