Pelleas et Melisande
Claude Debussy
Rai / Schwarzkopf / Haefliger / KARAJAN

Membran, 2 CD

Releasedate: 01.11.2010

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Pelleas et Melisande

When Debussy attended a performance of Maeterlinck's play "Pelléas et Mélisande" in 1889 he knew that this was 'his' material for an opera. Maeterlinck agreed to let the unknown young musician set his text to music but later tried to stop the performance at all costs after being informed that Mary Garden was to perform the leading role instead of his girlfriend Georgette Leblanc - contrary to the agreement. There was even talk of a duel, the courts were called upon and the outraged Belgian even went to see a clairvoyant. Maeterlinck had an open letter published in Figaro; he ranted ignominiously about Debussy and wished the work would become an "immediate and resounding flop." Although the premiere performance could not be considered a success, the work soon gained recognition - and has maintained its status in the repertoire of international houses to this very day. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf performs the role of Mélisande on this 1954 recording, conducted by Herbert von Karajan; the role of Pelléas is performed by the lyric tenor Ernst Haefliger.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1     Je ne pourrai plus… 13:10    
2     Voici ce qi'il écri… 9:40    
3     Il fait sombre dans… 6:40    
4     Vous ne savez pas o… 10:07    
5     Ah! Ah! tout va bie… 13:23    
6     Oui, c'est ici 4:47    
7     Mes longs cheveux d… 14:45    
8     Prenez garde, par i… 2:57    
1     Ah! je respire enfi… 5:33    
2     Viens, nous allons… 10:09    
3     Où vas-tu? Il faut… 18:50    
4     Oh! Cette pierre es… 3:50    
5     C'est le dernièr so… 15:26    
6     Ce n'est pas cette… 24:43    


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